Our system is perfect for Contractors, Pool Builders, Landscapers, Screen Enclosure Installers, Roofers, Yacht and RV Repair Shops, Automotive Shops, and any other business that has projects lasting multiple days with specific tasks that must be done in a specific order utilizing any combination of subcontractors, crews, and/or individual workers.

Our system includes: (some are optional modules)
* Interview - Allow potential customers to enter their information in an easy step-by-step
   questionaire that you can configure, recieving an email and/or text
   message when they complete it, and automatic customer/order creation.
* Customers - One customer can have multiple orders to avoid duplicate customer info and link
   multiple orders to a single customer
* Orders - Holds the general info for the entire project, providing a central place to link
   pictures and digital files, sms messages, etc...
* Workorders - Provide workorders to your subcontractors, crews, and workers for each task.
* SMS Messaging - Communicate with customers/subcontractors/crews/workers uning SMS/MMS.
* Subcontractors - Specify your subcontractor's specialties and abilities for easy selection.
* Workers and Crews - You can specify their task abilities to allow for easy selection.
* Custom Forms - Create Customized Printable Forms that you can send via email or sms.
* Statuses - Color-coded Order and Task Statuses to help you view your project's progress.
* And Much More ...